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To be able to configure the guide, you have to set AllowCamCreation to true in the configuration file (config.lua) :

Config = {
AllowCamCreation = true,

Don't forget to put it to false when the configuration is done.


/createCam: create a camera
/camsTrack: display the guide track (alls cams and connection between each others)
/editCam [id]: edit the cam, [id] is the id of the camera (use /camsTrack to display the cameras id)
/guide-test: play the guide
/guide-duration: get the estimated duration of the guide
/guide-reset: set the guide as 'not seen'


Cameras = {
posX = number, posY = number, posZ = number, rotX = number, rotY = number, rotZ = number, FOV = number,
text = string,
slideDelay = number (optional), -- if not set, it will fade out to the next camera
playDuring = number